MapInfo Kısayol Tuşları

1) Fonksiyon Tuşları:

F1 – Help
F2 – Browse Table
F3 – New Map Window
F4 – New Graph Window
F5 – New Layout Window
F7 – Get Info
F8 – Text Style
F9 – Create Thematic Map
F10 – Create Prism Map


2) Menü Kısayolları:

File menu: Options menu:
New Table Ctrl+N Line Style Shift+F8
Open Table Ctrl+O Region Style Ctrl+F8
Save Table Ctrl+S Object Style Alt+F8
Save Workspace Ctrl+K Text Style F8
Print Ctrl+P
Exit Alt+F4
Edit menu: Map menu:
Cut Ctrl+X Layer Control Ctrl+L
Copy Ctrl+C Create 3D Map F11
Paste Crtl+V Create Prism Map F10
Clear Del Create Thematic Map F9
Reshape Ctrl+R Modify Thematic Map Alt+F9
New Row Ctrl+E Previous View Alt+LeftArrow
Get Info F7
Tools menu: Window menu:
Run MapBasic Program Ctrl+U New Browser Window F2
New Map Window F3
Objects menu: New Graph Window F4
Set Target Ctrl+T New Layout Window F5
Clear Target Ctrl+Del Redraw Window Ctrl+D
Tile Windows Shift+F4
Query menu: Cascade Windows Shift+F5
Find Ctrl+F
Unselect All Ctrl+W
Find Selection
In Current Map Window Ctrl+G
In All Windows Ctrl+A
Table Menu:
WFS Table refresh Alt+F5

** Bir layout penceresi aktifken sayı tuşları (0-9) zoom seviyesini değiştirir.


3) Diğer Kısayol Tuşları (HotKeys):

Snap – S
AutoTrace – T
AutoNode – N
Crosshair – C


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